Tempered Glass with Corner Protection.

Tempered Glass With Corner Protection .................

Product Details

Product Description of Tempered Glass With Corner Protection :

Thickness of Tempered Glass With Corner Protection :
3.2-19 mm

Size avaliable of Tempered Glass With Corner Protection: 
Largest 4200X2440mm
Smallest 250X150mm

Color avaliable of Tempered Glass With Corner Protection :
Clear, dark/lake/ocean blue,dark/f/h green,bronze,grey, etc.

Glass types avaliable of Tempered Glass With Corner Protection:
Float glass, on-line low-e glass, off-line low-e glass,sunny control glass, acid atteched glass,etc.

Processing Technology Before Tempering
1.Edge processing method:  polished edges, beveled edges, chamfered edges or grinding edges
2.Drilling holes
3.Cut out 

Product Attributes of Tempered Glass With Corner Protection :
1.Safety performance: tempered glass will appear hurtless obtuse angles when breakage.
2. Strength performance: Four times more than ordinary glass.
3. Heat stability performance: Three times more than ordinary glass, could bear the temperature change about 200°C.
4. Tempered glass has a very good performance of anti-curve, anti-impact intensity.
Quality Standards of Tempered Glass With Corner Protection :
GB----15763.2, Chinese standard.
CE----EN 12150-2:2004 European standard.

Packing  and  Loading of Tempered Glass With Corner Protection  :

Toughened Glass Warehouse 1.jpg

Conner Protection-Toughened Laminated Glass.jpg

Toughened Glass Line 1.jpg

Toughened Laminated Glass Loading 1.jpg

Company advantage:
1. Delivery on time.
2. Considerable after-sale service.
 OEM Service/Customer design is welcome.
4. Sample time is about 3-7 days.
5. Size and thickness can be as requirements in commonly, that is flexible.
6. Pass the international Certificate, CE, EN12150, ISO9001:2008, CCC, SGS, GB.

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