8mm,10mm,12mm Tempered Glass Balustrade

Glass balustrades are extremely popular for providing and exclusive and high quality finish to a home, garden or premises  when creating a barrier or when a partition is required to divide a space or offer protection

Product Details




As the customer’s request


before tempering

with holes or cut-outs,

with bevelled, ground or polished sides,

rectangular, polygonal and arch-shaped,

covered with screen printing


1)4 to 5 times stronger than a normal annealed glass of similar thickness & size .

2)as a safety glass as it will disintegrate into small & blunt pieces when broken, therefore reducing the probability & degree of injuries.

3)withstand high temperature differentials as compared to non tempered glass thereby reducing thermal breakage.


Computer screens, skylights, canopy, ceiling, flooring, stairs, staircase, windows, door, handrail, railing, balustrade, baluster, board, building, wall cladding, fence, partition, panel, facade, tub enclosures and shower screen, etc