3.2mm Low Iron Tempered Glass for Solar Glass

Glass is designed to optimise solar energy conversion while providing long term protection against external conditions. Extra clear glass, with low iron oxide content is typically used in solar applications. Either float or patterned, low iron glass may be coated with an anti-reflecting coating to further increase performance. Transparent conductive coating can also be used as an electrical contact in some photovoltaic technologies allowing the light through to the photovoltaic material while conducting the general electricity out of the modules. Glass may also be toughened to increase strength and durability.

Product Details

temSolar Glass TypesLight Transmittance (SGS TEST)
13.2mm / 4mm Clear Float Solar Glass>89%  
23.2mm / 4mm Ultra Clear Float Solar Glass (ARC or Non-ARC )>91%
33.2mm / 4mm Clear Patterned Solar Glass>88%
43.2mm / 4mm Low Iron Patterned Solar Glass  (ARC or Non-ARC )>90%


Technical Specifications
Thickness tolerance±0.2mm
Dimension tolerance±1.0mm
Diagonal difference≤0.1-0.2%
Overall bow/warp<0.2%
Local warp≤ 0.3mm / 300mm
Fragmentation test40 particlewithin 50x50mm
Mechanical & Thermal Characteristics
Scratch hardness4~5
Poisson's ratio0.2
Density2.5×10³ kg/m³
Tensile strength42n/mm2
Pressure resistance700-900n/mm²
Four point bending test≥146.7n/mm²
Coefficient of thermal conduction≤ 1.36 w/(m*k)