Screen Printed Art Glass

In modern day architecture glass is extensively used as a decorative material. This is due to the fact that additional processing is possible which adds various features. There is no end to the possibilities of pattern and colour with regards to silk screen printing.

Product Details

Our screen printed glass is popular in many countries with plenty of designs and best quality.Glass which undergoes silk screen printing can perform not only a decorative function, but also has a lot of practical application


Using our patented silk screen printing technology a multitude of designs, in a wide variety of colours is printed on clear float glass. After the printing the surface is gently baked to infuse the colour into the glass. This ensures that the designs and colours are imprinted on the surface permanently thus ensuring the longevity of our products.


• Protection of privacy
• Unique designs to your interior profiles
• Customs patterns which give the interior a rich textured finish.
• The glass has natural anti-fungal, anti-mildew and water resistant properties making it the preferred choice for interior design.


Dimension: 1830 mm x 2440 mm
Thickness :4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm


This Glass in extensively used for interior decoration purposes mainly in making furniture like table tops, shutters, closets, modular kitchen, for back panels, wall and ceiling profiles etc.