Printed Glass

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Our back-painted glass collection encompasses over 2300 colors and is created in house allowing perfect color mataching, consistency and short lead times.


  • over 2300 library colors

  • non-flammable, water based, low VOC paints

  • Bacteria resistant making it perfect for hospitals, offices and lobbies

  • compatible with other glass processing like etching, lamination and printing.

Paint Options:

  • steel effect: paints that reproduces a steel effect on glass with excellent shine.

  • ice effect: paints that produce an effect similar to ice crystals.

  • mirror effect: a metallic monocomponent paint that makes it possible to recreate a mirror effect on a glass surface.

  • water-based safety paint: a transparent or colored paint that enables glass and mirrors made to be safe. It forms a thin film that, if the glass or mirror cracks, holds all of the shards in place preventing accidents /injuries.