6mm Pattern Wired Louver Window Glass

Product Details

6mm Pattern Wired Louvre Window Glass are windows with horizontal planks/blades which either adjustable or fixed.  The planks are angled to admit light & air at the same time they can keep out rain, sunshine and maintain privacy from outsiders.  The horizontal planks are typically made of glass, similar to venetian blinds yet much wider.

6mm Pattern Wired Louvre Window Glass are best suited for achieving good ventilation, and the ability to adjust the blades to sharper or lesser angles means the amount of air and natural light getting in can be controlled.  Manual adjustment of the planks can be done with a metal lever whereas for sophisticated systems, the planks can also be operated by electric or remote-controlled levers.  Besides air & light, Louvres also provide an effective smoke escape in the case of a fire.

The key benefits of louvres include:

1.Enable better ventilation – you can control the airflow & natural light if you install adjustable louvres

2.Increased privacy – mix frosted or coloured glass louvre windows with regular windows for better privacy

3.Facilitate easy heat control and alleviate bad odour, thereby keeping your home cool and comfortable

4.Energy Saving Benefits – tilt blades upwards to direct cool air towards the ceiling thereby cooling the interior In Singapore, Louvre Windows are the ideal choice for bathrooms.  We can install louvres with any type of glass – frosted, wire-mesh, plain, etc.  Based on customer’s preference we can also complement Louvre windows with a fan to enable added ventilation and air control.