5mm,6mm Nashiji Louvre Glass

Louver Glasses made by top quality clear glass, tinted glass or pattern glass. By cutting to the standard sizes and polishing the two long side edges as the flat or round shape, which will protect the fingers from hurting, also supply a modern performance in application

Product Details

Louver Glass

Glass type : float glass, patterned glass, reflective glass ,etc. as request


Size:4*24,4*30,4*36, 6*24,6*30,6*36

1. Glass blades are fixed with non-notch frames.
2. The angels of the blades could be adjusted as will to satisfy different ventilation demands.
3. The room could enjoy excellent lighting even when the louvres are closed.
4. The speed, direction, and scope of ventilation can be adjusted as will.
5. The glass louvers could be cleaned easily.


1. Single Window

2. Narrow Window

3. Wall of Louvers

4. Fixed Window

5. Above Doors