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Unit Glass Curtain Wall And Frame Glass Curtain Wall The Advantages And Disadvantages Compare

Jan 14, 2017

Introduction of unit glass curtain wall
Unit glass curtain wall is aluminium alloy frame, glass, pad, thermal insulation materials, shock and waterproof materials and decorative elements, such as fabric in advance in the factory into a wall unit with additional iron, using special transport vehicles shipped to the construction site, lifting Assembly, directly connected with the building's glass curtain wall.

Frame glass curtain wall profile
Frame glass curtain wall will be completed in the workshop components, transported to the site, according to the construction process by component installed on the building ultimately complete curtain wall installation.

Unit glass curtain walls contrast with the advantages of frame glass curtain wall
Advantages of unit glass curtain wall:
① quality control of curtain wall.
construction site is simple, fast, good management.
③ can accommodate larger displacement.
Black waterproof performance is better.
⑤ easy to achieve high performance requirements of curtain walls.
⑥ can usually adapt to the needs of the development of modern architecture.

Frame glass curtain wall advantages:
① easy design and installation flexibility.
② materials on site to store more easily.
③ easy to repair.
④ cost is generally lower than that of unit style curtain wall.

Unit glass curtain wall with frame glass curtain wall of the disadvantages comparison:
Disadvantages of unit glass curtain wall:
If the installed unit plate needs to be repaired or replaced, it may be difficult.
② structure determines the amount of unit curtain wall of aluminum higher costs generally higher than the framed curtain wall with the same material.

Frame glass curtain wall defect:
① curtain wall installation can not be guaranteed for quality and performance.
need a lot of site management and quality control.
③ easy to water seepage.
④ can accommodate structural displacement is very limited.
⑤ the long construction period.
⑥ large assemblies stored in the floor easier to loss and damage.
⑦ curtain wall installation can not be guaranteed for quality and performance.