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Solar Control Coated Glass

Dec 28, 2017

It is a new type solar control coated glass that features high visible light transmittance, low reflectivity and easy thermal processing. This glass production adopts a world advanced MOCVD technology accomplished by applying a continuous & even oxidized metal deposition on the hot float glass substrate surface. Its durable, transparent tough coating offers better thermal/optical qualities. It is an ideal option for new top architectural glass.

Product Features:

  • Superior lighting and heat-blocking properties.

  •  Stable chemical properties, strong acid and alkaline resistance.

  • Superior performance in resistance to abrasion.

  • Subtle and elegant color uniform evenness of color.

  •  High temperature chemical coating, excellent for tempering and thermal bending.

This Glass is used widely in outdoor windows and doors, glass curtain walls and could also be used to make insulated glass.

Chinese national standard for solar control coated glass is required better quality with higher technical specifications comparing with Japan and European standards.

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