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Safety Glass Strong Absorption

Aug 10, 2017

The selection of Safety Glass curtain wall in the building can achieve the unity of beauty and economic benefits. However, with the continuous increase of Safety Glass service life, good aesthetic degree and economic benefits can not meet the needs of people, people require higher security and strong pressure resistance, Safety Glass curtain wall has serious security risks. "Building Safety Safety Glass management regulations," stressed: "7-storey and more than 7 floors of the building windows, curtain walls (except all Safety Glass walls) need to use laminated safety Safety Glass." Thus, laminated safety Safety Glass is concerned.

Laminated safety Safety Glass is not easy to break apart from ordinary Safety Glass, it is a relatively tough material, and will not produce sharp fragments when broken, so security is guaranteed. At the same time, the safety of laminated Safety Glass safety is also reflected in the rupture, its debris will remain inside the interlayer, will not expose the outside, the pedestrian hazards, the maximum protection of pedestrian safety. Laminated Safety Glass will maintain a relatively perfect shape and a good visual effect when it breaks, and from the surface, the broken and undamaged interlayer safety Safety Glass is not very different in appearance, this kind of safe and beautiful features in the Safety Glass market stand out, become a leader. In the damaged replacement will also play a good role in isolation, so as to make up for ordinary Safety Glass defects.

We hope to have a quiet environment in our work and life, and the laminated safety Safety Glass does this. It has a good sound insulation to help us isolate the noise of life. Because the laminated Safety Glass material itself constitutes a sound insulation system, in the sound propagation process to play a role in the obstruction. At the same time, it has a very strong absorption, compared with ordinary Safety Glass, it will absorb certain noise and sound waves, purify our environment for survival, of course, has become the choice of architecture.

When encountering natural disasters, such as earthquakes and floods, laminated safety Safety Glass can minimize the harm. At the same time, it also helps to reduce the human in the rupture of debris kept in the mezzanine, this is conducive to the protection of indoor and outdoor items, to avoid the debris caused by the splash of economic losses.

The selection of laminated safety Safety Glass in the building must pay attention to its scope of use, according to the relevant provisions of the State use of safety Safety Glass, and to ensure that the maximum play the role of safety Safety Glass. In accordance with the requirements of the Regulations on the management of building safety Safety Glass, it is necessary to pay attention to building windows, curtain walls (except all Safety Glass curtains) on 7 and 7 floors of buildings, and to use laminated safety Safety Glass on the floor boards, entrances and exits of public buildings and entrance halls. We should implement the principle of safety and the principle of economy. 7-storey and 7-storey buildings open windows mainly refers to the center of gravity on the left or right, the upper side, the lower side and can be opened outside the window; the curtain wall (except the whole Safety Glass curtain wall) More emphasis is the mobility of the subject, the curtain wall has a certain displacement capacity, not only in one position, but is more independent; the floor slab used to withstand pedestrian walking mainly refers to the bottom of the Safety Glass hanging, under the pressure of pedestrians to walk alone and without any auxiliary tools should use laminated safety Safety Glass, not hanging under the Safety Glass, Safety Glass floors with extra auxiliary tools are not included; the entrances to the public buildings, the entrance to the foyer, and so on, include the entrance door Safety Glass and the Safety Glass at the top of the door and the Safety Glass on both sides of the door.

Pay attention to the use of laminated safety Safety Glass can avoid waste, save materials, the material used in the position should be used, rather than no scope, random placement. At the same time, pay attention to the use of laminated safety Safety Glass, clear use of the position can effectively avoid work errors. Note that the use of the area is an important step in the application of laminated safety Safety Glass in buildings, the accurate implementation of this step is conducive to improving work efficiency and promote the construction process.