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Safety Glass Perfect Shape And Good Visual Effect

Jul 01, 2017

In the building to choose the glass curtain wall can achieve the unity of beauty and economic benefits. But with the glass life of the ever-increasing, good aesthetic and economic benefits can not meet the needs of people, people require a higher safety and strong resistance to pressure, the glass curtain wall has been a serious security risk The "Building safety glass management regulations," stressed: "7 and 7 above the building window, curtain wall (except for all glass walls) need to use laminated safety glass." Thus, sandwich safety glass attention.

1. security

Sandwich safety glass is not easy to break relative to ordinary glass, is a relatively tough material, it will not produce sharp fragments in the broken, so the security is guaranteed. At the same time, the safety of the laminated safety glass is also reflected in its rupture, its debris will remain in the sandwich inside, will not be exposed to the outside, the pedestrian harm, the maximum protection of pedestrian safety. Laminated glass will be in the rupture to maintain a relatively perfect shape and good visual effects, from the surface, the laminated safety glass damage and no damage in the appearance of no big difference, this safe and beautiful features in the glass market Stand out and become a leader. In the damaged replacement will play a good isolation, so as to make up for the defects of ordinary glass.

Sound insulation

In work and life we want to have a quiet environment, and sandwich safety glass to do this. It has a good sound insulation, help us to isolate the noise in life. Because the laminated glass material itself constitutes a sound insulation system, in the process of sound transmission play a hindrance. At the same time it has a strong absorption, compared with ordinary glass, it will absorb a certain amount of noise and sound waves, purify the environment we live on, of course, became the choice of the building.

Reduce damage

When faced with earthquakes, floods and other natural disasters, the sandwich safety glass can minimize the harm. At the same time, it is also conducive to reducing the man-made in the rupture will be retained in the sandwich within the folder, which is conducive to the protection of indoor and outdoor items, to avoid fragmentation caused by economic losses.

2. How to apply sandwich safety glass in the building

Note the scope of application

In the construction of the use of laminated safety glass must pay attention to its use, according to the relevant provisions of the national use of safety glass, and to protect the maximum to play the role of safety glass. According to the requirements of the "Building Safety Glass Management Regulations", it is necessary to pay attention to the construction of the building on the 7th floor and above the building, the curtain wall (except the whole glass screen), the pedestrian board for pedestrian walking, the public buildings Entrances, fences and other parts of the use of laminated safety glass. Not only the implementation of the principles of safety, but also follow the principle of economy. 7-story and 7-storey building windows mainly refers to the center of gravity on the left or right side, the upper side, the lower side and can open the window; curtain wall (except the whole glass curtain wall) is more emphasis on the main movement Nature, the curtain wall has a certain displacement ability, not only confined to a position, is more independent; for pedestrians to walk the ground panel mainly refers to the glass below the vacant, walking alone in the pedestrian walking pressure without any auxiliary tools The use of mezzanine safety glass, the glass is not floating underneath, there is a special auxiliary tool glass floor is not included in the public building entrance, hall and other parts of the provisions include the entrance of the door glass and installed in the door above the glass As well as glass on both sides of the door.