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Reflective Glass Wear Resistance. High Temperature Resistance

Jul 11, 2017

Road reflective glass beads is a kind of recycled glass as raw material, after crushing by natural gas melting at high temperature and the formation of a small glass particles, observed under the microscope as a colorless, transparent sphere. The refractive index is between 1.50 and 1.64, and the diameter is generally between 100 microns and 1000 microns. At present in the domestic production of glass beads is the main process of flame floating method.

Road reflective glass beads as a road marking (paint) in the reflective material, can improve the road marking paint reflex performance, improve the safety of driving at night, has been identified for the national transport sector. When the car driving at night, the lights illuminated with glass beads on the road signs, the lights can be reflected in parallel to the light back, so that drivers see the direction of progress, improve the safety of night driving. Now, reflective glass beads have become a road safety products can not replace the reflective material.

FRP column profile characteristics:

1. FRP column outline standard high strength, the product uses a new type of unsaturated resin material, made by high temperature.

2. FRP column outline standard impact resistance. Wear resistance. High temperature. Corrosion resistance, so the service life of up to 30 years.

3. FRP column outline standard appearance, the product can be made into a variety of colors, font patterns clear, obvious warning and can beautify the urban environment.

4. FRP column outline standard light weight,reflective glass easy to transport installation, can greatly reduce the labor force and reduce labor intensity.

5. FRP column outline standard anti-theft, the synthetic material without recycling value, natural security.

The column outline is a mark that is located on the edge of the road, on both sides of the fast road, or on the edge of the roadway.

Material: composite glass steel

Purpose: Under the conditions of night or light, indicate the boundary of the carriageway, the direction of the road and the location and length of some dangerous road sections,reflective glass prompting the person driving the vehicle to travel on the prescribed road, Swear out. Column outline standard night light reflected evenly, not dazzling, widely used in highways, tunnels, bridges, roundabout roads and other roadside signs.

The column outline is composed of a column-shaped reflective material. The columns are rounded triangular and the top oblique lanes. The outline of the standard column is white,reflective glass in the upper part of the column should be 270mm long circle of black mark, black mark with 180mm × 40mm in the middle of the reverse reflective material, reverse reflection material should not fall off. The column outline is provided along the sides of the road and is used to indicate the direction of road ahead and the traffic safety facility with retroreflective performance. Because it is set continuously, 50 meters to set a column of contours can also be used as a hundred meters pile.