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Reflective Glass Shading Is Good

Aug 10, 2017

The reflective glass bead is a kind of fine glass granule formed by the high temperature melting and melting of the recycled glass, which is a colorless and transparent sphere under the microscope. Its refractive index is between 1.50-1.64, the diameter is generally between 100 microns to 1000 microns. At present,Reflective Glass the main technology of producing glass beads in China is flame floating method.

As reflective material in road marking (paint), road reflective glass beads can improve the reflective performance of road marking coatings and improve the safety of night driving. When the car is running at night, the headlights on the road with glass beads on the sign line, can make the lamp light and parallel reflection back,Reflective Glass so that the driver see the direction of progress, improve the safety of night driving. Now, reflective glass beads have become an irreplaceable reflective material in road safety products.

The reflective light of glass comes from behind the camera, and it is the most direct and effective way to reduce the ambient light.

First and foremost, turn off the flash, turn off the flash, and turn off the flash. Important things to say three times.

This effect can be achieved without turning off the flash:

The reflection on the glass is sometimes very headache,Reflective Glass the use of polarized mirror is a good method, but by its reduced light characteristics, resulting in the shooting speed is affected, the limitations are great. So the polarizing mirror is not the best choice.

The lens of the plane to maintain parallel to the glass, if there is a point of reflection is much more likely to appear. Parallel shooting is one of the techniques to remove reflective reflection, you need to look at the scene of repeated testing to find the angle, you can calmly remove the reflection, even if the technology is useless.

Because of the light in the daytime, it will cause the reflective of indoor objects, the night is dark, in the case of turning off the lights,Reflective Glass the glass shooting night, basically in line with the filming requirements. Therefore, the night may not be able to shoot the scenery, can be successful.

Frequent travel photography will find that the glass in the high-rise hotel is mostly closed and cannot be opened completely for safety reasons. Instead of putting the camera out of the air for a dangerous blind shot, try putting down the curtains of the hotel. The curtains of the hotel are generally thicker,Reflective Glass the shading is very good, which helps the photographer a great favor. Through the hotel's glass shooting, with curtains to the indoor objects in the back, they cover most of the reflection, of course, but also beware of their own and tripod shadow.