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Mirror Glass Has A Strong Permeability

May 26, 2017

Mirror glass, also known as polished glass, is made of flat glass after polishing glass, single-sided polished and double-sided polished two, smooth and shiny surface. Light transmittance greater than 84%, thickness of 4mm-6mm.

        From the side of the glass can see through the opposite of the scene, and from the other side of the glass is simply not see the opposite of the scene, it can be said in this side he is not eyesight.

        Ordinary glass is equal to the glass on the mirror, mirror glass film is equal to the mirror after the silver, but it must have a prerequisite for reflection of light, that is, outside the light than the inside of the light, otherwise they can not see the reflected light. Car film glass, sunglasses and other basic are this thing.

        Usually in the ordinary glass above the layer of film, or color, or in the thermoplastic molding in the inside if some metal powder, so that both through the light source of light can also reflect the reflection of the inside of the light out The

1. Mirror glass wall structure.

Glass fixed method:

(1) drilling on the glass, with chrome screws, copper screws to the glass fixed in the wooden frame and liner.

(2) with hardwood, plastic, metal and other materials to suppress the pressure of glass.

(3) Insulate the glass on the backing plate with epoxy resin.

2. Mirror glass installation process:

Clean grass → nail wood skeleton → nail liner → fixed glass.

3. Precautions:

(1) uniform glass thickness should be 5 to 8 mm.

(2) the installation is strictly prohibited hammering and leveraging, inappropriate to remove the heavy security.

Consider safety glass should be used less

Speaking of glass, whether it is from the practical or aesthetic considerations, will appear more or less in the home decoration, especially grinding, frosted glass is to get some decoration owners of all ages. How can the use of a color, in order to ensure safety at the same time increase the indoor effect?

According to reports, the glass has flat light, IPL, craft and other varieties, with a strong permeability, usually used for walls, bathrooms, partitions, etc., is a good design means of interior design. For example, there are calligraphy patterns, Oracle pattern of glass, you can vividly show the characteristics of China, suitable for Chinese style, and color glass is more suitable for European style. In addition to color enhancement, the glass space isolation function in most families have been better use. Another example, in a quiet but not very private study, with glass as a partition instead of brick wall, not only can effectively cut off the noise, but also make the visual space to be extended. Of course, the use of glass partition with the purpose of the bathroom is relatively simple, is to effectively separate the area and isolation of water vapor.