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Laser Glass Engraving Techniques Is Currently The World's Most Advanced Engraving Methods

Jan 14, 2017

Laser glass engraving technology is the most advanced, the most popular glass engraving methods and laser engraving in glass making image unique, artistic style, carving delicate, exquisite graphics and text, or gorgeous or Rong Yonghua, magnificent and luxurious, line spirit, able to meet the people's increasing aesthetic pursuit. Product market is very impressive.

Laser engraving glass processing industry will be technology revolution, it is energy-saving, environmental protection, high degree of automation, standardization, digitization, network production, also can realize remote monitoring and operations, will significantly reduce the labor intensity of workers and improve the working environment, and improve production efficiency and product quality, is the traditional craft of glass processing technology ideal for upgrading.

Engraved glass is widely used in, night skiing, KTV, bars, private clubs, and so on, and even greater scope, nothing, only you can't imagine. Use of white glass combined with laser engraving, whether it's coffee table, advertisement, or small like mosaic applications where size, can also be a flawless experience.

KTV, bar nights, such as the background, the floor, the large use of partition, because it has higher transmittance and because safe and nice as well as the beginning widely used in glass curtain wall construction.