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Insulated Glass Have Good Electrical Properties, Heat Resistance, Chemical Stability

Nov 01, 2017

Insulated Glass in the first few years of production and operation, it was found that porcelain insulators have the following advantages:

Due to the high mechanical strength of the glass insulator surface, the surface is less prone to cracks. The electrical strength of the glass is generally the same throughout the run, and its aging process is much slower than porcelain, so the glass insulator is mainly due to self-damage and scrapped in the first year of operation, but the porcelain insulator defects only in the run Years later began to find.

The use of Insulated Glass, you can cancel the operation of the insulator carried out on the regular preventive test. This is because every damage to the tempered glass will cause damage to the insulator, the operator in the inspection line is easy to find it. When the insulator is damaged, the glass fragments near the steel cap and the iron feet are stuck, and the mechanical strength of the remainder of the insulator is sufficient to prevent the insulator from breaking off.

Used as an electrically insulated glass. The most common is to add silica as the main body of boron oxide, alumina, lead oxide, calcium oxide, sodium oxide and other oxides mixed into a high viscosity liquid, so that it does not precipitate the conditions of precipitation under the conditions of solidification The Glass has good electrical properties, heat resistance, chemical stability and easy molding processability. Glass by composition and performance is divided into quartz glass, sodium glass, lead glass, silicon boric acid glass, fusible glass, glass fiber and so on.

Quartz glass is made from pure quartz at 1700 to 1800 ° C. It has good electrical properties, low coefficient of thermal expansion, high heat resistance and impact resistance, good UV transmission capacity, can be used as high-frequency insulation materials and high pressure mercury lamp and other high temperature and good transparency requirements of the occasion. Quartz glass can be made of optical fiber for optical communication. The drawback is that the melting temperature is high and expensive.

Sodium glass is made from silica, sodium oxide, calcium oxide, magnesium oxide, alumina and the like. As the addition of sodium oxide, potassium oxide and other alkali metal oxides, the melting temperature can be reduced to about 1400 ℃, molding processability has also been greatly improved, cheap,Insulated Glass mostly used as window glass. The addition of alkali metal oxides significantly reduces the volume resistivity, surface resistivity and chemical stability of the glass. However, the mechanical strength and thermal stability of the sodium glass after quenching greatly improved, suitable for the manufacture of high and low voltage transmission, distribution insulators. Sodium glass is also used as incandescent bulbs and fluorescent tubes.