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Insulated Glass Has A Good Corrosion Resistance And High Heat Resistance

Oct 09, 2017

Insulated Glass high and low stool widely used in electrical appliances, electrical, mechanical, wear resistance, high mechanical strength, high temperature, electrical control cabinets, motors, resistors, dyeing machine gear, mechanical equipment, lamp, with good corrosion resistance and High heat resistance, etc. to play the role of insulation and gasket.

FRP insulation high and low stool Category:

Two-story glass steel high and low stool,Insulated Glass three-tier glass steel high and low stool, five-story glass steel high and low stool, high and low stool, mobile glass steel high and low stool.

FRP insulation high and low stool composition:

[FRP Profile] FRP is a fiber reinforced plastic, generally refers to the use of glass fiber reinforced (unsaturated polyester, epoxy resin and phenolic resin) matrix. As the use of different varieties of resin, so there are (polyester glass fiber reinforced plastic, epoxy glass fiber reinforced plastic, phenolic glass) known. Strength and steel stand shoulder to shoulder. Production process: pultrusion method. With color, shape, corrosion resistance,Insulated Glass electrical insulation, heat insulation and other good performance.

Insulation Sheet has a large volume resistivity and resistance to breakdown of the plastic sheet. For the distribution of workplaces or floor insulation materials. Selection of anti-skid rubber sheet, easy fatigue, high degree of safety.

FRP power is a glass fiber as the substrate,Insulated Glass dipped in epoxy resin through the mold thermosetting and pulling a new type of electrical equipment, is widely used in overhead lines to do a variety of insulated switches, arrester and other fixed with horizontal Bear

1, the surface of the polyester surface mats, thereby enhancing the anti-aging products;

2, the tube has a polyurethane foam agent to increase the strength of the cross and prevent the penetration of rain;

3, and rectangular tube at both ends of a plastic cover.

Glass fiber reinforced plastic power crossbar with light weight. Good strength. Shock resistance. Dielectric properties. Corrosion resistance with good heat resistance and other advantages, to solve the existing wood cross arm and iron cross-bearing anti-corrosion performance,Insulated Glass flame retardant Poor, the end of strength, poor insulation, energy loss, short life and other shortcomings.