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Installation Technology For Glass Curtain Wall Glass Requirements

Jan 14, 2017

1. frame glass curtain wall of glass and components shall not be in direct contact with glass and components around the Groove bottom should maintain a certain gap, each of the lower part of the glass should be placed at least two width and slot width, length not less than 100mm the positioning pad. Capacity and gaps on both sides should comply with the design requirements of glass, rubber strip around the glass material, the model should comply with the design requirements set should be flat, rubber scales should be longer than the slot within the borders of 1.5%-2%, rubber strip around the corner should be beveled disconnected and after you apply the adhesive firmly embedded in the slot.

2. the hidden frame or half-hidden framing glass curtain wall, every piece of glass should set two aluminum alloy or stainless steel support bar at the lower end, its length should not be less than 100mm, the thickness should not be less than 2mm, the tray should end below the outer surface of the glass 2mm.

3. install the glass, glass should comply with the design requirements and heat-reflective glass coated surfaces should be installed towards the Interior, non-coated surface towards the outside.

4. after installation of glass along the seal rubber seal around the glass, glue should be full, dense and continuous, homogeneous, bubble-free and clean excess adhesive outside the glue line.