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Glass Production Might Be Continuously Limited

Nov 17, 2017

October 31, one ducument was issued "on the state does not hold the permit for the discharge of glass enterprises to implement the closure of the letter," in which it is asked to stop production line does not meet the requirements. This involves a total of 9 glass production lines without a permit for drainage and is expected to lead to a 10-15% decline in glass output in some cities and a production capacity of more than 6,200 tons. In addition, it is understood that glass manufacturing enterprises in other parts of Hebei Province have also been asked to limit the production of 15% of the situation, the future does not exclude the scope of limited production further expanded to other "2 +26" urban areas.

Ministry of Environmental Protection, Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Industry and other ministries and commissions and Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei and other provinces and cities jointly issued the "Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and its surrounding areas 2017-2018 autumn and winter air pollution control and tackling action plan".

In the plan it is aksed that  chemical, steel, building materials, nonferrous metals and other industries will produce in different time to avoid serious pollution.