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Glass Knowledge

Jan 14, 2017

Glass---can renders any color, and, although not ordinary literal sense called texture, it can accept any kind of appearance. In terms of light and form of induction, it's unparalleled. It can withstand extremely polished and finely chiseled, it was clean, durable, and durable, and can be almost imperceptible transition from transparent to translucent to opaque, reflected from the perfect transition to diffuse to the surface with no gloss. In fact, simply cannot be rendered without it characteristic appearance. But at the same time, it has the highly personalized nature, no matter how we deal with it, regardless of the appearance we have imposed on it, it still maintains its clear "glass". Regardless of whether it is being the Omphalos, carving, sanding, spraying-mirror, imprint we select any pattern, casting, blowing, or on the film and so on, it does not seem to be a bear, the different ways to apply it there seems to be no limit to permutations and combinations, it's "glass" has always been gorgeous raisondetre.

Glass now so called people take for granted, rarely cause it worthy of curiosity. As a product of pure sand and dust it, nature is amazing enough, once made, can further lead to visions of the wonders, because of its magnificent and nothing like the result is calculated. Its shape may be designed and controlled his color might name names, and can use a certain percentage of stationary. But in addition to all this, glass also has an unpredictable nature of the material. And often recorded by its "unique position" may be only glass give an artist wishes to show some beautiful elements.

When people first see, due to the heat a chance to strengthen, sand and dust into a metallic form, it's full of warts and harsh inequalities, full of impurities and dark Nebula is unknown, who can imagine the pile of indescribable things lurking so much convenience factor, sooner or later, they will make up most of the secular well-being? Yet it is a this kind of haphazard process of liquefaction, the Church has access to a highly stable and transparent objects, it can accept the Sun and resist the cold, it can make the philosopher's vision extends to new areas exist, sometimes with endless material creation, sometimes animals unlimited surrender fascinated him. Worse still, it can make up for the State of decay, to complement the visual aid the elderly. The first glass technicians are engaged in work in this way, regardless of his own consciousness or anticipated or not. He makes light enjoy the convenience and extended, science paths become magnanimous, make people happy permanently long reaching pole; he allows students to contemplation of nature, beauty to appreciate yourself.