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Float Glass Pure, White, Transparent

Jul 20, 2017

The process of Float Glass production is done in the tin bath into the protective gas. The molten glass flows continuously from the kiln and Float Glasss on the surface of the tin liquid with relatively large density. Under the action of gravity and surface tension, the molten glass is spread on the tin liquid surface and flattened to form the upper and lower surfaces, harden and cool After being cited as a transition roll table. Roller table roller rotation, the glass out of the tin into the annealing furnace into the furnace, the annealing, cutting, to get flat glass products.

Float Glass glass is China's late 70s of last century, the first by the introduction of the British royal Float Glass glass glass production line. It is in the tin tank, the glass Float Glassing on the surface of tin liquid out. Therefore, this glass is first flat and good, no water ripples. For the mirror, car glass. Do not face, do not take shape, which is a major advantage.

Followed by the Float Glass glass selection of ore quartz sand, good raw materials. Produced by the glass pure, white, good transparency. Bright, colorless. No glass boil, bubbles and the like.

The third is the structure of close, heavy, feel smooth, the same thickness per square meter than the plate than the big, good cutting, easy to break. The country more than 30 production lines are in strict accordance with national standards of production, this glass is the best glass of civil construction. Its price, compared to the same thickness, only 4 yuan per square meter than the flat glass.

The molten glass flows through the runner and into the tin bath, and is formed into the annealing furnace by the transition roller table in the tin bath. In this process, the glass liquid (plate) is connected with the gate, the lips, the tin liquid (Such as tin, tin) (top tin), and so on, it is easy to form various defects related to forming, including tin, tin (tin), tin, Light distortion point (off), sticky tin, iridescence, mist, bubble, etc., in addition to the bubble can be collectively referred to as tin defects, these forming defects seriously control the quality of the glass grade and processing performance. In this paper, the causes and prevention measures are discussed in order to improve the quality of Float Glass glass.

Sticky tin is the silver plate under the surface of the silver-white metal tin or gray tin ash, in particular, can not afford to get rid of, or after the glass has caused the puddles. Tin tin in the tin oxide and tin sulfide into the glass, in the steel or hot bending, where divalent tin and tetravalent tin conversion, because the radius of tetravalent tin ions is greater than divalent tin ions, in the conversion process In the glass tin surface to produce small cracks, in the light to form interference rainbow.

Glass liquid in the tin liquid from the flat, start, and then by mechanical pull the edge of the edge and edge control, the formation of the required glass, and then pull out the tin tank, after the roller roll, into the annealing furnace. In order to avoid tin oxide oxidation, tin tank space filled with nitrogen hydrogen protection gas. 

   Into the annealing furnace glass belt in the annealing furnace, in strict accordance with the development of the annealing temperature curve for annealing, so that the glass residual stress control within the required range. The glass belt of the annealing furnace enters the cold end immediately.

   Glass belt in the cold end after cutting off, to speed up the separation, breaking edge, breaking the longitudinal points, through the ramp, and by the hair sweep, and then into the sub-line, manual package packing stacking finished by forklift Finished product library.

   In the cold side of the unit, set aside the washing and drying, defect detection, dusting and film in the automatic plate packing stacking equipment location. Production line with a temporary board, breaking edge, the board off the board three landing device. So that the type of non-qualified board does not enter the cutting area. So that the failure of the board does not enter the box into the stacking area.

The current Float Glass glass market inventory at a low level, affected by the impact of environmental protection supply side slightly reduced, and from the downstream, the local mirror business due to environmental factors operating rate decline, the overall demand will gradually weaken next month, supply and demand structure will gradually change. Although the high cost of production, but the overall Float Glass business to achieve profitability, profit in recent months has been significantly less than eight or nine months. In view of the expected decline in market demand next month, the market is expected to gradually stabilize at the end of the market, but the stock low, the transaction is better, there is still some small up.