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Float Glass Has A Vast Application Space

Jul 11, 2017

The process of float production is done in the tin bath into the protective gas. The molten glass flows continuously from the kiln and floats on the surface of the tin liquid with relatively large density. Under the action of gravity and surface tension, the molten glass is spread on the tin liquid surface and flattened to form the upper and lower surfaces, harden and cool After being cited on the transition roller table. Roller table roller rotation, the glass out of the tin into the annealing furnace into the furnace, the annealing, cutting, to get flat glass products.

Float Glass is China's late 70s of last century, the first by the introduction of the British royal Float Glass glass production line. It is in the tin tank, the glass floating on the surface of tin liquid out. Therefore, this glass is first flatness is good, no water ripples. For the mirror, car glass. Do not face, do not take shape, which is a major advantage.

Followed by the Float Glass selection of ore quartz sand, good raw materials. Produced by the glass pure, white, good transparency. Bright, colorless. No glass boil, bubbles and the like.

The third is the structure of close, heavy, feel smooth, the same thickness per square meter than the plate than the big, good cutting, easy to break. The country more than 30 production lines are in strict accordance with national standards of production, this glass is the best glass of civil construction. Its price, compared to the same thickness, only 4 yuan per square meter than the flat glass.

Ultra-white glass is a super-transparent low-iron glass, also known as low iron glass, high transparent glass. It is a high-quality, multi-functional new high-grade glass varieties, light transmission rate of up to 91.5%, with crystal clear, high-grade elegant features, a glass family

"Crystal Prince" said. Ultra-white glass at the same time with high-quality Float Glass has all the processing performance, with superior physical, mechanical and optical properties, like other high-quality Float Glass as a variety of deep processing. Unparalleled superior quality and product performance make the ultra white glass has a broad application space and bright market prospects. Currently on the market most of the ultra-white cylinder in fact the use of white glass to do (its colorless and transparent degree between the ordinary glass and ultra-white glass), is not really super white glass cylinder.

The market common super white cylinder, we can see the color of the glass section and the first picture of the real ultra-white glass or a certain difference

The Float Glass is actually a production process. Refers to the use of floating glass produced by the law, the general principle is to melt the molten glass in the proportion of liquid than the glass liquid (liquid tin) surface of the glass molding, compared to other mechanical system has its advantages can be reduced due to mechanical vibration Of the glass is uneven or contains bubbles, and since it is theoretically possible to create infinite glass as long as the glass liquid is continuously added to the liquid surface.

And we often create fish and fish Float Glass is actually common in the usual glass only, but different from the ultra-white glass of a saying;