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First Shipment Of Our New Product Half-mirror

Nov 25, 2019

Today we made our first delivery of our new product--half mirror glass to our customer in Belgium.

The half mirror is also called one way mirror, which has also a reflective coating on the glass, but this coating is different from the Reflective glass. It is half-silvered on the glass surface and could only have the one way mirror function only when one side is with strong light and the other side of the mirror is in darker light.

After several weeks discusstion, our customer finally chose the half mirror which could be tempered by themselves. With the temperable quality, they could cut this special mirror the sizes and shapes they need, and then temper the glass pieces. The customer confirmed the order after received our samples and tested the sample in their labor. The quality satisfied them, so they ordered the first shipment of the half-mirror.

We are working on developing more and more market for this product. We believe that with best quality and best service we will make more achievments for the half mirror in other countries soon.