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Difference Of Insulating Glass And Vacuum Glass

Jan 14, 2017

Insulating glass and vacuum glass what is the difference? One word different, hollow glass called "hollow" is actually not empty, two layers of glass with "qi", most of the "qi" air, Argon is of better quality, due to invisible gas, is said to be a "null".

Vacuum between two layers of glass glass is pumped into a "vacuum" has basically no gas, is really empty.

Why do thermoses to warm for a long time? Because bile is a vacuum layer between the inner and outer walls, effectively blocking the conduction of heat. Vacuum seal around the glass is two pieces of flat glass in the middle space, space vacuum and seal vents. Two sheets of glass coated on the inner surface with a layer or two layers of transparent low-e film. Thermos refills from inside two layers of glass shell cavity, cavity vacuum cavity silver plated. Vacuum glass is equivalent to the vacuum flask made in slab form, people joke, vacuum glazing is actually a "thermos bottle on the window".

Pot if you have a gas leak in the House, there is no insulation, which can reflect the insulation properties of the gas and gas-free.

Data shows that performance of vacuum insulation glass insulating glass is better than 2 to 3 times, 6 times better than ordinary monolithic glass more than double wall is much better than the average.

Another feature of vacuum glass is much better than thin insulating glass, saves installation space and frame materials. Meanwhile, heat preservation performance is good, the anti condensation fogging properties are also very good, remove window condensation caused by fog on sight locations and makes people worry about things such as dew soaked window. Reduces the window feeling chilly in winter and at the foot of "surface wind" feeling.

Apart from the heat preservation performance is good, better vacuum glazing sound insulation properties than glass.

Vacuum glass wind resistance is about the same glass insulating glass twice, but impact strength than insulated glass, this weakness could be addressed through a combination of vacuum glass. As in the desired location, you can use the technique in vacuum glass laminated glass on one side or on both sides with tempered glass structure impact strength and high wind resistance strength of security vacuum glass. There is no doubt that this will increase the cost.

In recent years, the new building of the most widely used, is the insulating glass. Insulating glass is also known as the contemporary "today's glass" in the title.

Vacuum glass insulating glass started late, at present in terms of industrial technologies mature and scale, vacuum glass still in the budding stage. But because of its hollow glass has a strong overall performance advantage and development prospects are very bright. As the scale of production and technological progress, prices will fall sharply. After a number of years, is likely to replace vacuum glass hollow glass energy-saving glass products, can be said to be "tomorrow's glass."