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Decorative Silk Screen Printing Glass For Kitchen Backsplash Worktop

Jun 05, 2018

Silk-Screen Printing Glass For Furniture/Door/Shower Room/Home Appliance 

Silk screen printing glass is a special kind of decorative glass made by printing a layer of ceramic ink on the surface of glass through the screen mesh for tempering or heat-strengthening process after. As a result silk screen printing glass is durable, scratch-proof, solar shading and with anti-glare effect.  Its acid and moisture resistant features maintain colors for decades, whereas various color and graphic choices are an option. The tempered silk screen printing glass has safety glass properties.

The connection of the decorative function and practicality as well as the possibility of assembling in a multi-functional structure lead to the unlimited use of glass which undergoes silk-screen printing.
1.Glass facades of buildings and skylights,
2.Fillings of railings and balconies,
3.Framed or frameless glass internal walls and doors systems,
4.Glass stairs.
5.Table tops,
6.Components of furniture,
7.Glass shelvings,
8.Shower cabins,
9.Other decorative elements.
10.Components of refrigerators and freezers,
11.Elements of cookers and cooking ovens.


Available Colorclear, bronze, euro grey, F green, light green, dark blue, light blue etc.
Glass ProcessingSilkscreen Printing & Toughening.
Thickness3mm; 4mm; 5mm; 6mm; 8mm; 10mm, 12mm etc.
Size914mmx914mm, 1220x914mm, 1220mmx1830mm, 1524x2134mm, 1830x2440mm, 2134x3300mm, 3660x2140mm/2440mm etc., also can do the processing sizes as per customer's requirement;
Fabricated Sizeany shape, any size as per your requirements. 
Other Processingsafety film, tempered, bent, framing etc.
Edge Workclean cut, seam edge, matte, flat/pencil polish edge, bevel edge, drilled hole, water jet cutting etc. 
Raw Material Glassfloat glass, acid etched glass, pattern glass.
Packingpaper interleaved or powder spraying, safety plywood crates packing with iron strips.

RoHS-Compliant-Colored-Ceramic-Printing-Glass-Kitchen-Backsplash-Worktop-Toughened-Glass (3).jpgRoHS-Compliant-Colored-Ceramic-Printing-Glass-Kitchen-Backsplash-Worktop-Toughened-Glass (5).jpgRoHS-Compliant-Colored-Ceramic-Printing-Glass-Kitchen-Backsplash-Worktop-Toughened-Glass (1).jpg