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Current Method Of Two Kinds Of Low-e Glass

Jan 14, 2017

Online high temperature pyrolysis deposition method
"Low-e" glass in the United States have more than the company's products. PPG's Surgate200 Ford SunglasH. R"P"。 The product is completed during the cooling process of float glass process. Directly into the hot liquid metals or metal powder on the surface of the glass, with the cooling of the glass, metal coating becomes part of the glass. Fixing this, the film hard and durable. This production of "low-e" glass has many advantages: it can be bent, tempered glass, do not use in hollow State, long-term storage. Its drawback is the relatively poor thermal performance. Unless the film is very thick, or the "u" value is only sputtering "Low-E" half of coated glass. If you want to improve its thermal performance by increasing the thickness, then its transparency is very poor.

Off-line vacuum sputtering
Off-line production of low-e glass, is currently widely used the international vacuum magnetron sputtering technology. By sputtering method can produce "low-e" glass manufacturers and products in North America Internet Pei companies "LnplusNetetralR", PPG's Sungatel00 Ford SunglasHRS. And high temperature pyrolysis deposition method, sputtering is offline. And delivery of glass of different horizontal and vertical position. Produced by sputtering process of "low-e" glass, you want a layer of pure silver film as a feature film. Sterling Silver membrane between two layer of metal oxide film. Metal oxide film on silver film to provide protection, and as a middle tier between the film increased the purity of the color and light transmission.