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Architectural Glass Classification Introduction

Jan 14, 2017

The material composition of the glass is important in modern society, and architectural glass is one of a kind, as the name suggests, architectural glass is used in the construction process of special glass in the construction industry, is divided into many types of architectural glass, here we come and meet.

Flat glass
Flat glass is also called white glass or lenses of glass, it is widely used, but also we are one of the most common types of glass
1) window glass is flat glass for Windows, often used as a door or window of a building and so on.
2) polished glass sheet glass surface after sanding or polishing of smooth flat glass windows often use as advanced door and window and counter.
3) frosted glass frosted glass, also known as frosted glass, surface specially treated glass, frosted glass surface is very rough, light diffuse reflection, and is often used as a toilet, bathroom doors.
4) tinted glass, also known as stained glass surface can pose a variety of special pattern of shapes, often used for decoration.
5) glass grating with flat glass as the basic material, microlithography using laser technology and surface treatment, this through a high-tech treatment of special types of glass can show a variety of colors in white light conditions a special stereoscopic images.
6) embossed glass using glass manufacturing and processed through a special drum parts with pattern made of glass, the glass surface with a pattern after.

Safety glass
Safety glass is one of life's most common glass, compared with ordinary glass, which can improve the security of strong, so is widely used.
1) tempered glass tempered glass I think you are familiar, tempered glass is used in glass making process made of special glass strength and means to a glass, it has a high strength, so it is widely used in places such as the glass curtain wall and rebounds.
2) wired glass wired glass in glass-making in the process of adding barbed wire to special safety glass in the glass, it has a strong fire and anti-theft performance.
3) security glazing security glazing is to use high-tech means in glass by adding a variety of inductive components or chip made of safety glass, it is widely applied to banks, museums, and other places.

Special glass
Special glass is glass with special properties, such as the ability to absorb heat.
1) heat absorbing glass processing through a special antioxidant and heat absorbing glass is glass, it can guarantee a certain amount of light while absorbing infrared and ultraviolet rays to ensure indoor environment healthy.
2) photochromic glass photochromic glass is glass special glass joined the photosensitive material, it is very sensitive to light, can be adjusted according to the intensity of light glass color, adjust the daze of the glass itself.
Above is the general classification of architectural glass, on the whole, they all have their own special features can be applied to all areas and sites, and ensure the comfort of people's living environment greatly.