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Anti-Glare Glass

Dec 28, 2017

Anti-glare or non-glare glass

Ideal  for  outdoor or high ambient light applications


Non-glare glass is manufactured by acid etching one or two surfaces of the glass providing uniform evenly diffused surfaces for high resolution applications.

Non- glare glass disperses reflected Ilghtallowing the user to focus on the transmitted image. Non-glare glass is available in several quality and etching levels:from picture frame quality to display qualityand from 60 to 130 gloss units.

 The lower the gloss reading, the more diffuse the glass panesurface is.The more diffuse the panel surface, the less glare the viewer sees.However, an inverse relationship exists between the degree of diffusion and the panel's resolution.

Features of non-glare glass:

  • Low reflection high resolution superior durability and anti-newton ring

  • "Low-Sparkle" grade available for aviation display, military and other high tech display

  • Can be heat tempered, laminated or chemical strengthened

  • Does not become highly reflective as a result of oily fingerprints like anti-reflective coated glass or untreated surfaces

  • Available from 60 gloss to 130 gloss units

  • can be etched on one or both surfaces

Typical Applications:

  • Elctronic Displays

  • Cover Screens-monitor face plates

  • LCD Displays

  • Computer Screes

  • Projection Monitors

  • Advertising Panels-outdoor electronic monitors&systems

  • Touch Screens

  • Medical Instrumentation

  • Ruggedized Displays  

2.5mm ultra clear glass with one side matt5.jpg

2.5mm ultra clear glass with one side matt2-2.jpg