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Mirror Glass Home Decoration Was More Personality, Showing The Momentum

Jun 09, 2017

At present, many owners in the decoration of the house, all hope to use some decorative nature of the material to decorate the beautiful interior space. There is no doubt that many interior materials can bring unexpected results, especially some decorative materials such as mirror, Mirror Glass and stone, as long as the use of properly for the entire space icing on the cake. But if used improperly, not only will not increase color, but will have a side effect of the interior space.

Mirror is more suitable for small apartment decoration

Professional introduction, the use of mirror material is indeed very stylish, small units may be appropriate to use the public space of the wall, or narrow aisle top, so you can ease the sense of oppression. And larger units are not recommended in the use of the wall, as a local area of the embellishment can be, for example, the corner of the restaurant wall, wall decoration and so on.

Although the room to be careful with mirror materials, but not the mirror the less the better, mainly clever use. For example, the bedroom inside the mirror on the need for a large area, but from the "home layout" to consider, the general bedroom is not recommended a large area of the mirror, how to deal with it? It is recommended in the design of the wardrobe when the mirror set in the closet door inside, usually does not appear, you need to pull out the mirror. In the indoor use of mirror materials in addition to avoid abuse, but also need to consider the lighting problem, if handled properly, will give people visually bring confusion and contrast, people dizzy. Recommended for indoor space cramped place, with the mirror can be added light source, the use of reflected light to increase the indoor light illumination, spacious space is to avoid the mirror in the light source.

Consider safety Mirror Glass should be used less

Speaking of Mirror Glass, whether it is from the practical or aesthetic considerations, will appear more or less in the home decoration, especially grinding, frosted Mirror Glass is to get some decoration owners of all ages. How can the use of a color, in order to ensure safety at the same time increase the indoor effect?

According to reports, the Mirror Glass has flat light, IPL, craft and other varieties, with a strong permeability, usually used for walls, bathrooms, partitions, etc., is a good design means of interior design. For example, there are calligraphy patterns, Oracle pattern of Mirror Glass, you can vividly show the characteristics of China, suitable for Chinese style, and color Mirror Glass is more suitable for European style. In addition to color enhancement, the Mirror Glass space isolation function in most families have been better use. Another example, in a quiet but not very private study, with Mirror Glass as a partition instead of brick wall, not only can effectively cut off the noise, but also make the visual space to be extended. Of course, the use of Mirror Glass partition with the purpose of the bathroom is relatively simple, is to effectively separate the area and isolation of water vapor.

If the elderly or children at home, the use of Mirror Glass walls need to be more careful. For example, in the production of Mirror Glass partition, we must pay attention to the middle of the Mirror Glass wall affixed to the decorative strip or film, or because of lack of indoor light, resulting in poor eyes of the elderly, low-eyed children hit the Mirror Glass partition. In addition, if the design of a Mirror Glass door or Mirror Glass wall, do not directly against the wall, and use pads to protect, so even if there is a collision buffer.

Stone decoration pay attention to a lot

Usually stone are in the mansion of the decoration space, the general small units even ordinary two bedroom, three bedroom are not necessary to use. The reason is simple, people's visual, sensory effect that the stone has a "pressure Tongzi" role, if the small indoor area, a large number of the use of stone, then the whole space will appear too heavy and cold, warm enough. However, if the use of stone in the mansion improper, the effect will be counterproductive. So the use of stone to be home decoration should be careful.

General stone mainly used in the public space of the ground, TV backdrop, cabinet countertops, windowsill and some balconies. First of all, for the TV backdrop, if you want your home decoration is more personality, showing the momentum, it can choose to do decorative granite wall. Granite is recommended to use natural stone, because the natural granite pattern of natural, can be a good performance creative intentions, suitable for artistic modeling on the wall. Second, the living space of the living room is more suitable for marble, while the bathroom floor and wall are also suitable for marble decoration, but in principle must choose non-slip type.

In addition to the extensive use of stone on the ground, many of the family's floating windowsill have chosen the stone, decorative table at the same time can also sunscreen. For the use of cabinet countertops, professionals said that the cabinet countertop is the highest frequency of use, choose the stone from the hardness and wear point of view, artificial stone is a better choice.