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0.3-1.1mm Ultra Thin Float Glass

Nov 10, 2017

China completed the successful production of a series of ultra-thin  0.3-1.1mm ultra-thin float glass and created a new record of the  offline speed of a series of similar ultra-thin float glass electronic  glass production lines at home and abroad. Since  then, in 2014, 2015 and 2016, one step each year, from 0.3 mm to 0.2 mm  to 0.15 mm, we continue to break the thinnest record of ultra-thin float  glass created by ourselves. Especially 0.15 mm, breaking the limits of the domestic electronic glass. The  breakthrough announced the company's overall technology has reached the  international advanced level, which is to promote China's glass  industry restructuring and optimization is of great significance for  China's electronic information industry catch up with the world level  has a very far-reaching impact. More intuitively,  that is, our products can completely replace imports, making the  original ultra-thin glass substrate market prices dropped sharply,  breaking the monopoly of foreign competitors, and the most direct  beneficiaries are our people, we can buy  electronic product at more favorable price.