Safety Mirror

Vinyl backed mirror, also called Safety mirror, is produced by applying a vinyl film on the back of mirror, in case the mirror is broken into pieces, vinyl film and broken pieces will conglutinate together without hurting people.

Product Details

Product Specifications

Available Size1830x2440,2134x3300,1830x1220,3660x2440etc
MaterialFloat silver mirror, aluminum mirror
Edge workcutting, polishing, beveling,etc
Back Painting

double coated with best quality painting

waterproof paint

Color of the back paintingwhite, grey, green, etc
vinyl back film

PE glossy film CAT I and PVC woven fabric file 


Eco-friendly mirrorCopper free and lead free available
Shapesrectangle, oval,square,round,wave,etc
ApplicationWardrobe mirror, bedroom mirror, bathroom mirror,decorative mirror,wall mirror, etc

Our Advantages:

  1. We accept mixing orders:it is possible to mix different kinds of glass and mirrors, even with other products like PVB film, door and window accessories.

  2. We accept LCL orders: it is possible to deliver even only one crate order. We have cooperated shipping companies which are specialized in LCL transportation.

  3. Our package is strong worthy for long sea transporation and inland transportation.