Floor Mirror

Product Details

Qingdao Brilliant Glass mirror, characterized with high quality, fog-free,corrosion-resistance and clear reflection, is very popular in European and Austrilian market.

We provide different processing to meet customer's various request:

  • beveling: we could bevel the mirror according to customer's specification and make a better view of the mirror.

  • cutting: we could cut the mirror to different sizes and shapes with the drawing provided by the customer

  • packing: it is possible to wrap the single piece of the mirror with PVB film or foam film and then to put the mirror into carton which could be easily sold by the customers.

Highlights of the mirror:

Our floor mirror can be used in many different locations and positions. It offers flexibility and it dosen't restrict you to a particular location in your house. The floor mirror can be easily mored around the house and can be placed wherever you want. 

The mirror makes your living area look much brighter.With our modern and stylish mirror, your room can be accentuated to  a more elegant decoration effect.