Anti-fog Mirror

Anti-fog mirrors are electrothermal product specially developed for completely solving the problem of fogging of the bathroom mirror.

Product Details

Are you still worried about the bathroom Fog?

Now you  have new choice,using our good quality anti-fog mirror.

Show your beauty more clearly, save your trouble removing the fog when the temperature get high.


Characterized in ultra-thinness, safety, good look and energy-saving, the anti-fog mirrors are widely used in the bathrooms of large hotels, fully decorated departments, holiday villages, residential building, bath places and luxury ships. The mirror without fog will bring you great convenience for skin care, make-up, shaving and hair care after bathing. The good performance and safety of Qingdao Brilliant Glass mirror have been proved in the application of many projects. More than ten years service life ,guarantee your usage.

Main advantages of an unbreakable mirror:

– It is suitable for attaching to the main mirror over a wash basin in a bathroom or other places where fogging is often a problem;
– Smooth surface with a special film for an anti-fogging effect;
– Sticks strongly to practically any flat surface;
– Simple and fast to attach by a sticky side on the back surface of the mirror.
– The sticky side doesn’t contain glue, the mirror doesn’t spoil or leave traces on surface at removal or transfer;
– Shock-proof composite material;
– Mirror surface with rigid covering against scratches;
– Ideal flat plate without bending;
– Magnificent reflection without optical distortion;
– Half the weight usual glass mirrors;
– Safe for your health and the environment: doesn’t contain harmful substances, such as copper and lead;

Qingdao Brilliant Glass anti-fog mirror, with high quality and excellent service, are recognized by people in this field. Now besides domestic market, anti-fog mirrors has been sold to every corner of the world. We will continue to work hard and serve more clients with our products and service