4mm,5mm,6mm Antique Mirror Tiles For Decoration

Antique mirror is a unique mirror, with several different designs and antique mirror is made of clear float glass and tinted float glass

Product Details

Product Information:

1.We have at the moment 3 series of antique mirrors with more than 60 designs of pattern which could definitely satisfy customer's request on decoration and other purpose.

2. Mirror color:  Clear, grey, bronze, green, etc.

3. We can design and produce the antique mirror according to your samples and requirements.


Thickness: 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm
Size: 1830*2440mm or customized.

edge processing:polishing with flat edges or pencil edges, bevelling, etc.

Our company develops every half year new series of pattern designs for antique mirror to satisfy the different requirement of customers all over the world. 

Our Antique mirrors have been exported to many countries for household and for commercial decoration purpose. In many 5 star hotels our antique mirror could be found in perfect design outlooking.