Float Aluminium Mirror

Aluminum mirror CHARACTERISTICS: 1)Aluminum mirror uses high grade float glass or sheet glass as its base and it is manufactured under an automated process, thus giving superb quality mirror. 2)Aluminum mirror has superb luster, and a perfectly flat surface which gives a distortion-free image...

Product Details

Aluminum mirror


1)Aluminum  mirror uses high grade float glass or sheet glass as its base and it is manufactured under an automated process, thus giving superb  quality mirror.

2)Aluminum  mirror has superb luster, and a perfectly flat surface which gives a distortion-free image reflection.


1)Thickness: 2mm, 2.7mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm etc.

2)Size: 1220*915mm, 1830*1220mm, 2200*1600mm, 2400*1600mm, 2440*1830mm, 2250*1605mm, 3300*2134mm, 3300*2250mm, 3660*2134mm, 3660*2440mm, etc.

3)Color: clear, dark grey, euro grey, golden, lake bule, pink, utra clear, ect.

4)Back paint colors(single or double) dark green, french green, grey

5)Process:  beveling, drilling, cutting,etc


1)Internal use of wall surfaces, ceilings and pillars for general household usage, shops, offices and departmental stores.

2)Furniture and interior decorations.