3mm,4mm,5mm,6mm Silver Mirror with Double Coated Fenzi Paint

Product Details

Silver mirror glass is produced by coating a silver film, a copper film and two layers of waterproof paint on the back of flat and parallel float glass, is also called silver mirror, silver coated mirror, silver coated mirror glass, clear mirror glass. 

Eco-silver mirror is also called as ecological mirror, copper free mirror, copper and lead free mirror, green mirror, environmental-friendly mirror, eco-friendly mirror. Because of using non-lead and non-copper materials, Eco-silver mirror can be used more years, because the copper content in silver mirror will accelerate the mirror to be eroded. 

1, Clear and exact images. 
2, No distortion
3, The backing paint resists acid and moisture. 
4, Can be used for more than 20 years indoor use

Applications: - Indoor use only. 
1, Decoration and furniture. 
2, Bathroom mirrors. 
3, Rearview mirror for automobile. 
4, Material mirror for safety mirror and shaped mirror and beveled mirror. 
5, Fitness/Gym Mirror
6, Other places that requiring for silver mirror.