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SGP LAMINATED GLASS is made by good quality adhesive interlayer and advanced bond technology. Laminated Glass is a kind of glass made up of two or more sheets of top quality glass bonded together with a SentryGuard Plus (SGP) interlayer. As we Know ,Laminated glass is basically a glass sandwich. It is made of two or more plies of glass with a vinyl interlayer(EVA /PVB /SGP) between. The glass will tend to stay together and case one in is broken – thus qualifying as a safety glazing material.

Because laminated glass holds up to impact better than other types of glass, this is what is used in modern windshields. The sandwiched interlayer gives the glass structural integrity and keeps it from shattering apart like tempered glass might.

The difference between PVB and EVA, please check here:

Cost: SGP > PVB > EVA

Color:EVA > PVB > SGP

(also EVA does well connected with many different materials,so it's a very nice interlayer for decoration glass)

Bulletproof glass is laminated glass, it is several film and glass laminated.Normally,it comes with PVB,dear client,if you have enough budget,then think about SGP : Here I want tell you the difference between PVB and SGP laminated glass.

the difference between PVB and SGP laminated glass.

1- Material:

SGP is abbreviation of SentryGuard Plus Interlayer, crated by American brand Dupont, on June 1, 2014. became the exclusive licensee for the technology and trademark of SentryGlas.

PVB is Polyvinyl butyral, many different suppliers can produce this material all around the world.

2- Thickness: 

The PVB thickness is 0.38mm, 0.76mm, 1.14mm, multiple of 0.38mm, the SGP thickness is 0.89mm, 1.52mm, 2.28mm, etc.

3- The main difference is “SGP” will stay standing when both sides are broken as compared to “PVB” it will fall down or break when both sides have become damaged. The SGP laminated glass is five times stronger and up to 100 times stiffer than PVB laminated glass. That’s why designers like to use SGP laminated glass for application which face to bad weather like ike storms, hurricane and cyclone, also for some place with war or need high security.

Check this video, it will helps you know better :


4-Kindly note, it doesn't means SGP is safer than PVB all the time.For example, "a laminate with SGP will not pass safety standards for a windshields because the SGP is stiffer and the laminated glass would be too stiff for head impact. There is a reason that SGP is not used in laminates in automobile glazing."(EVA laminate glass - if non-tempered, is not considered safety glass because its poor penetration resistance)

5- Clarity: The SGP yellow index is smaller than 1.5, while normally the PVB yellow index is 6-12, so the SGP laminated glass is much more clear than PVB laminated glass.

Application for SGP Laminated Glass:

Bullet-proof glass,Explosion-proof glass,High-speed train windshield,Railings -SGP hurricane glass, Ceiling, skylight,staircase, steps, floor, fence,canopy, partition,etc.

Since SGP is more expensive than PVB laminated glass, if the environment or situation is not bad, PVB is more cost-effective than SGP laminated glass.

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