Semi Tempered Laminated Glass

Product Details

Semi Tempered Laminated Glass is used by Semi Tempered glass+PVB interlayer film+Semi Tempered Glass . 

The production process of semi-tempered (TVG) glass, also called toughened glass, is similar to that of tempered (ESG) glass.

Like tempered (ESG) glass, semi-tempered glass is also heated rapidly and evenly to a temperature above 600° C; but the cooling process is not the same as the introduction of cold air is carried out in a significantly different manner. This enables the establishment of permanent stress in the glass, thus providing it with a substantially higher resistance to thermal and mechanical stresses in comparison with float glass.

Flexile strength and resistance to temperature differences of semi-tempered glass are somewhere between those of ordinary non-tempered float glass and tempered (ESG) glass.

The structure after fracture is equal to that of ordinary float glass.