Milky/White Laminated Glass

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Building, window and door,skylight, elevated floor, 
furniture,high grade curtain wall, 
lighting,showcase, counter, automotive glass and aquarium etc.


Standard size:2440X1830mm,3300X2134mm,3300X2140mm,
or as client requirement
Max Size: 2400*6000mm

Single glass thick: 3-12mm
Glass Color: Clear, French Green, Dark Green, Ford Blue, 
Dark Blue, Bronze, Euro Grey etc. 
available with reflective glass also.

PVB:0.38mm or multiple of 0.38 mm(Sekisui/DuPont/China PVB)
PVB Color:Clear, Green, Blue, Bronze, Grey, Milk white etc.
The normal type:3+0.38+3; 4+0.76+4; 5+1.14+5; 8+1.52+8, etc.
Quality:In accordance with GB 15763.3-2009
Pass Chinese Safety Glass Compulsory Certification (CCC), 
Australian Certificate AS/NZS2208