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By tempering the glass its mechanical strength can be increased, so if the glass breaks, it will turn into small crumbs.

When the tempered glass breaks, the crumbs won’t injure humans. Even more protection can be achieved if the tempered glass is laminated, as in the case if the glass breaks, the crumbs or particles, will stay attached to the laminate sheet. This prevents human injury.

Laminated and tempered glass is used on facades, railings, doors and windows.

Our Paint Glass can be laminated with other glasses. It’s possible to combine for example two colours in such a way, that one side is green and the other gray. You can choose the most suitable combination from the RAL colour chart.

We can laminate in many different combinations beginning from size 4.4 millimeters all the way up to 40 millimeters — depending on the needs of the client.

Minimum dimensions 100×260 millimeters
Maximum dimensions 2100×3600 millimeters

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