Vacuum Insulated Glass

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Product Details

Two or more lites spaced with aluminum frame of molecule sieve filling agent, sealed around with polybond or structural adhesive.



Max. Dimension(mm): 2500x3500

Min. Dimension(mm): 350x180

Width of aluminum frame(mm): 6, 9, 12

Thickness(mm): 5+6A+5 ~ 15+15A+15



Varieties of products may be composed by clear float glass, tinted float glass, coated glass, Low-E glass, laminated glass, level tempered glass or bended tempered glass, etc.



(1) Fill with inert gas, it provides for excellent insulation, acoustic performance, effective energy-saving, and environmental protection effect.

(2) Removing cream and dew effects.

(3) Hight resistance to wind pressure

(4) Not easy to explode itself

(5) The coated surface won't peel off when using coated glass as the base sheet.



Widely used in glass curtain walls, doors and windows, vehicles, ships, planes and instruments, etc.