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Used for industrial cutting device and method for reliability of glass fracture line

Jan 14, 2017

Using in from above imposed of pressure Xia in floating method glass online run of cutting round to produced for industrial set long cutting glass of reliable fracture line of device and method, has following features: a,) determine fracture line of began location, and will has cutting round (2) of cutting round clip holding device (20) with to appropriate location in the, b) reduced cutting round clip holding device (20), and to wants to of pressure tight pressure will cutting round (2) reduced to about of glass (1) Shang, which pressure tight pressure is using pendulum arm (3) to set, and And fixed the strain gauge (4) to monitor, c) glass panel (1) the height of the changes used for motors (12) control signals from strain gauges (4) change of resistance derived motor and actuator causes the cutting wheel (2) corresponds to the compression pressure of change.