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Ultra Thin Glass 0.33mm

Jun 29, 2018

Ultra Thin Glass 0.33mm .

Thanks to a special method of thoughening, based on chemical treatment, very interesting features have been achieved. Currently produced ultra-thin glass plates feature foil-like flexibility combined with both hardness and strength.


Typical Applications of Ultra Thin Glass:

Thin glass substrates

Cover glass

Display glass for LCD (PMLCD, AMLCD & TFT), Digital display protection (also hydrophobic, oil-resistant and anti-reflex surfaces)

Common display glass applications

CCD chip window

Touch Panels,touch screen displays

Electroluminescent displays

Microscope slides

Glass wafers

Substrates for optical coatings

Optical Windows

    printed electronics

    OLED diodes and organic photovoltaic cells 


    Sensors and measurement equipment protection

    Optical equipment protection

Ultra Thin 0.33mm thickness Clear Glass ..jpg