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The frosted glass screen printing

Jan 14, 2017

Frost is on the glass products, glass glaze powder adhesive size areas, through 580 ℃ ~600 ℃ high temperature bake, melt the glass colored glaze coatings on the glass surface, and shown with different colors of glass decoration. Glued glass glaze powder, brush brush or by roller roller.

Through the screen printing process, you can get the frosted surface floor empty pattern. The method is: on the surface of the glass, silk-screen layer formed by resistance flux patterns. Pattern to be printed on dried, then frosting process. And then roasted, no designs on the frosting will melt in the glass surface, and logo printing and place because of the flux of deterrent effect, kept in the sand does not melt on the pattern across the glass surface. Baking transparent floor empty pattern will emerge through the Semitransparent sand surface, formed a special decorative effect.

Frosted screen printing resistance of flux and consists of three components, such as ferric oxide, talc, clays, using ball mill grinding fineness for 350, screen printing adhesive before blending.