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One-way perspective glass

Nov 10, 2017

Unidirectional perspective glass

  One-way perspective glass (also known as: atomic mirror, one-sided mirror, SLR glass, double-sided mirror, one-way glass), is a visible light with high reflectance of the glass. The reflective surface (mirror surface) of the product must be on the light side or toward the outdoor side. When the outdoor than the bright indoor, one-way perspective glass and ordinary mirror similar to the indoor can not see the scenery, but indoor can see the outdoor scenery. When the outdoor is darker than the interior, the indoor scene can be seen outdoors, and the outdoors can be seen outdoors. Its clarity depends on the intensity of outdoor illumination.

  One-way perspective glass is mainly used for hidden observation windows, holes and so on. The product can be used in public security bureau, detention center, police station, prison, court, procuratorate, karaoke OK, office, kindergarten, psychiatric hospital, school and other special places.