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Laminated glass production

Jan 14, 2017

Laminated glass in the washing machine, transmitted from the washer after washing and drying to humidity and temperature controlled room, usually to test glass appearance here. Next, you will have cut of the film on the glass surface, the film needs a flat place to make sure there are no folds, then place the second piece of cleaning the glass in films--is the good piece of laminated glass. Process needs to be carried out in a very clean environment, operators need to wear headgear, gloves, from the edge of the laminated glass cutting edge extra film. Then position the glass, and transported to the rolling, rolling the slowly heating the glass and outer layers with rubber rollers pressed out of glass between the film and the residual air and glass edge seal. Finally, laminated glass in the autoclave, autoclave for laminated glass is the last operation, he can make even the residual air and realized the film into the film liquidity autoclave process strengthening the adhesion between the film and glass, to produce a seamless glass-laminated glass.