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Glass ice screen printing

Jan 14, 2017

Ice flowers commonly known as orange peel grain, it is actually a very small low-melting glass particles. This small glass particles, high lead content, color and clear two color hues of red, yellow, blue, green, white, and so may also compound the midtones.
Screen printing ice decoration, simple but elegant and generous, used for building glass and glass decoration of Arts and crafts, such as advanced glass, lamps and other decorations.
Silk screen glass ice decorations, is the first in the glass surface screen printing colored or colorless glass-flux (flux) and then sprinkle the ice glass particles on the flux layer glass, through 500 ℃ ~590 ℃ sintering, glass surface flux and melting ice particles layer embossing effect. As in screen printing on glass is colored fluxes, and micro-ice is transparent and by high-temperature melting, glass pattern-like parts of the flux of ice layer fading, and formed on a glass surface tinted transparent embossed pattern, uplift.