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Glass etched screen printing

Jan 14, 2017

For a long time, the etched decoration of glass products, is in the hot glass surface wax layer and reinforcement materials, as a corrosion resistant layer, and then coated with needles, knives and other carved patterns, exposing the glass surface and corrosive hydrogen fluoride on this site. This process continues as well as manufacturers, but its method is time-consuming, laborious and inefficient.

Screen printing-etching process makes it simple to the etched decoration of glass products, saving time and effort. Etched glass screen printing, hot stamping and cold print in two ways.

Thermoplastic etched screen printing, such as paraffin, pitch, stearic acid formulated adhesives, adding a small amount of corrosion resistant powder made from corrosion-resistant ink, thermal printing screen version, according to the design drawings, squeegee print materials to the glass surface, corrosion resistant film is formed. Corrosion-resistant film over the glass part, that is, need to etch the pattern. Acid etching using chlorine fluoride, etching after washing with water off the glass corrosion resistance layer.

Glass screen printing-etching, or in cold print method. Corrosion-resistant ink may use special paint and corrosion resistant powder resistant ink that can be purchased commercially. After printing is complete, corrosion-resistant film to dry completely, can be done by hydrofluoric acid.

Thermal printing for two consecutive, four continuous patterns of etching, cold printing adapted a separate pattern of etching.