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Deviation of finished glass and design reasons

Jan 14, 2017

Product deviation of twisted glass and design requirements. This shows the need for bending tempered glass on the roller is not placed correctly, bending parallel to the center line and roller not glass, if that is the case, the operator needs to adjust the Film Board on the glass in position, bending the glass parallel to the center line and roller in the State.
Product depth different bending of glass and design. This means tempering process parameters setting problem: during the heating phase, the heating temperature of the glass is not enough; during the cooling phase, mainly on the grille Tuyere wind blowing out of sync when, in a turn on the hair dryer first when the hair dryer, opened after a hair dryer. If the hair dryer blowing open, forming Glass bending depth will increase, and vice versa, blowing open a hair dryer on, forming Glass bending depth decreases, not according to the design depth of arc. Operator parameters can be adjusted again, bending of glass and adjusted depth.