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Back Painted Glass

Back Painted glass/Laqued Glasswhite painted glass2_副本.jpg


1)Thickness: 3mm to 6mm;

2)Standard sizes:

1220 x 915mm, 1830 x 1220mm, 1830 x 2440mm, 1524 x 2440mm, 

1650 x 2200mm, 1830 x 3050mm, 2134 x 3050mm, 2134 x 3300mm,

2134 x 3660mm, 2250 x 3300mm, 2440 x 3050mm, 2440 x 3660mm.

3)Standard Colors:  RAL9010 - soft white

        RAL9003 -pure white

        RAL9005 -black

        RAL1013 - beige

        RAL3020 - trafic red

        RAL9001 - cream

        RAL6019 - pastel green

        RAL1017 - saffron yellow

        bronze, blue, pink, etc. 

Cut size, edge grinded, and toughened, matted, all available upon request.